This Worldwide Mastermind meets once a month with Dentists. 
Each discussion is consisted of a new round table panel of up to 10 members. Which includes experts on the specific topic, a spotlighted dental office, dentists that have insight/ examples/ questions the are in line with the monthly subject. During and after the mastermind, other dental offices can comment and share on the home page of

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Uncut and unscripted "I Love Dentistry Mastermind" will discuss topics including:
Staff, Marketing, Business, New Patients, Techniques, Accounting, Insurance, Case Presenting, Recall, Hygiene, Associate Doctors, Orthodontics, Specialists, Taxes, Pay Roll, And much more!!!

To request a topic or to join the round table contact Click Here! 

Here are just a few comments on what dental offices are looking for (and what topics we will be discussing):

"Dashboard for the practice to monitor it creating budgets office and personal." Alan Farber

"Ideas on Marketing, what others are doing. Others experiences with consultants Treatment opinions etc." Dale Rottman

"Tax deferral/proper expense documentation. Dealing with PPO insurance and upgraded treatment options. Cash flow." Jeffery Stratford-Jones

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