Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Shocking stats from New Patients #16

LIVE 10 SEP 2014

Panel Members:
Curtis Marshall
Keaton Marks

Dentists spend time and money to attract new patients. Once the potential patient calls there are many missed steps to translate the call into production. Discover all the missed steps in this "I Love Dentistry Show"

Bonus Tip (6 numbers to track)
1- How much you are spending on attracting NPs to call your office
2- How many calls are made by potential NPs
3- How many of those calls are answered
4- How many of those calls that were answered, made an appointment
5- How many of those NPs showed up for their appointment
6- What type of treatment are those NPs accepting

Typically a dental office will only track the numbers in RED. The other 4 numbers are so important, yet not being tracked.

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