Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Systems w/ Howard Farran #8


Panel Members:

Rob Bay aka Numbers Geek
Curtis Marshall cell 801.380.7070
Michael McClure
Richard Champagne

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Dental SYSTEMS w/ Mark Costes #7


Panel Members:
Curtis Marshall,, cell 801.380.7070
Dr. Aaron Nicholas,

Spencer Goo,


-Systems are critical.  Anything that is important enough to be measured should have a system to it.
- Dentists are not prepared and taught in school to run a business.  We are all trained to be great at the clinical side.
-Systems help your practice eliminate waste.  Wasted time, wasted, energy, wasted, supplies, wasted staff, wasted money.
-Identify the 20% areas that are of highest value to you.   The other 80% is areas that someone else can take care of.
-Systems help achieve your goals for the practice.
-There is a different between efficiency and effectiveness.  We want to be effective
-4 R’s
Referral generation,
-Strategic positioning- putting yourself as the expert in the community.  Be a leader in your community.
-Have a defined organizational chart.  The Dr is the CEO.  This is the first step of starting a system. Everyone should be in charge of their own systems.
-Have Team Accountability approach.  Each team member signs this that has a list of the systems they are in charge of every day.  That team member is accountable to get all of these done during each day.
-Put all of this in the office operational manual.  This will be a great resource for all of the staff.  It will be easy to train and have defined accountability for each team member.
-Rob’s formula-- Production= Effort x Efficiency x Effectiveness. 
-When performance is measured and reported back, performance is improved greatly
-Systems can help you get the slight edge in the business
-Systems can help you integrate the entire office
-A behavior that is rewarded is a behavior that is repeated. 
-When Dr. Nicholas implemented systems he was able to see a jump in his referral numbers jump up.
-Patients want to have the same experience every time.  They refer friends and family based on that.
-Write down every system in the office and put it in the Operations Manual

-The Ultimate Patient Experience-
1- exact same script on the phone
2- new patient packet with testimonials
3- confirm and greet the desk exact same
4- gathered and seated the exact same
5- asked three personal questions before getting into dentistry
6- present treatment plan
7- handoff to the front desk is the exact same

-asking questions to the patient helps build a report with the staff and the Dr.
-Get the patient talking about themselves.  They will leave liking the staff and the Dr.
-The questions also help the patient feel like they are among friends
-The answers are written down and the staff is held accountable.
-There are certain questions that will help the patient start talking Example: “What do you have planned for the holidays?  How long have you lived in the area?”
-The question should be specific to the patient.
-Personal connections help with patient retention
**people want consistency
-Find the best system and use it over and over again
-Do you have a system for collecting co-pays and payments?
-Have systems for late payments for both insurance companies and patients
-On the 10th of every month all denied and outstanding claims can be called on and find out what is holding up the payments.
-Systems need to be given to people for their responsibilities.  Make sure they are held accountable for these systems
-Have goals that your systems can help you achieve
-What is your ideal patient?  Know what your ideal patient is and market to them.
-Walk side by side with the patient.  Never leave the patient unattended.   A team member should be able to turn their full attention to the patient.
-Every little thing matter.  It comes down to the patient experience, and helping the patient feel cared for.
-Have a practice that is built around the strength of your systems.  You don’t want a practice built around your staff.  Staff changes, but a strong system can help your office run smoothly through changes.
-Systems help give you piece of mind to know that your practice is growing.
-Essential and Vital to have systems and re-evaluate them often. 
-Practice, practice, practice! 
-The strength of your systems will show how successful your business can be.
-Role play with staff.  Have mystery patient and mystery callers
-Any system that is put in place MEASURE!!
-Put together your patient experience

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